Now Available for purchase

The AUV you’ve been waiting for.

The SUNFISH platform is available today. Contact us to obtain a quote and discuss your requirements. Additional configurations are feasible, please contact us to find out more.

Highly Configurable

Optimize an incredible machine to meet your goals.

SUNFISH is a custom-fabricated two person-portable autonomous underwater vehicle that performs complex inspection tasks in the most challenging environments without external navigational aiding or supervision. The architecture is flexible and our team is fluent in the reconfiguration of the core vehicle.

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Flies like a jet fighter. Hovers like a helicopter.

Watch SUNFISH as it goes through its paces at our facility in Austin. It is able to hover, move in any direction, and take on any orientation. Using this maneuverability, we’ve built a patented ability to find and dock with an LED bar, and to scan sensors and move without hitting walls or obstacles.