Be a part of our team.

Our people are seasoned expeditionary scientists and explorers, best-of-class engineers and software developers, a highly-dynamic team able to perform dedicated, high-quality work.

Our mission

Delivering autonomous underwater systems and data solutions.

SUNFISH Inc. is a Texas-based company dedicated to the development and servicing of autonomous underwater vehicles and software for the science, government and commercial sectors. We are a novel, lean, fast moving, and cutting-edge team. We strive to change the way things are done, cut red tape, and get reliable hardware and software in the field rapidly.

Current Positions

  • Senior Robotics Programmer

    Full-time, remote


    • Bachelor's (Preferred)
    • Commercial software development: 3 years (Preferred)

    We're looking for a new team member to be a Robotics Programmer at our cutting-edge startup working to bring new underwater robotic capabilities to market. A candidate should have 5-10 years of experience, preferably in an artificial intelligence field, and must be able to perform dedicated, high-quality work while fitting in to our highly dynamic team. We are a distributed team—remote candidates are welcome. However, lab tests and demonstrations will be in and around our "Robot Ranch" just outside Austin, requiring regular travel for remote workers. In addition, motivated, qualified team members are selected to participate in our site demonstrations and field expeditions to lakes, caves, the high seas, the Arctic, and Antarctic.

    Position Primary duties:

    • Lead data science projects in the field of underwater robotics.
    • Maintain the Company’s artificial intelligence expertise.
    • Design, development, analysis, and test advanced robotic software and data processing systems.
    • Ensure proper documentation of designs, code, and procedures.
    • Assist in developing unit and integration tests.

    Secondary duties:

    • Aid in software development infrastructure maintenance and improvements (e.g. updating provisioning systems, improving continuous integration).
    • Aid in proposal preparation tasks (preparing diagrams, figures, text descriptions).
    • Represent the Company at conferences and/or trade shows.

    Required traits:

    • Experience with linux, python, ROS, C/C++.
    • Experience with computer vision or machine learning for field robotics or similarly structured data environments.
    • Ability to help solve complex problems during design, development, and test.
    • Ability to communicate effectively among team members both on site and distributed.
    • Works in a meticulous and thorough manner, pays attention to detail.
    • Results-oriented.
    • Ability to own a piece of a project and see it to completion.
    • Motivation to learn and act independently with little supervision.
    • Willing to learn new skills, wear multiple hats, and work on different types of projects.
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced dynamic environment.
    • US citizenship or permanent residency required.

    Desirable traits:

    • 5+ years of industry experience in software development.
    • Expertise analyzing complex data sets utilizing statistical, supervised, and unsupervised machine learning techniques.
    • Experience with realistic data generation techniques such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).
    • Experience extracting 3D data from images.
    • Experience with pose graph optimization theory.
    • Experience with implementing code on hardware, including embedded development (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, etc.)
    • Experience with a start-up environment and fulfilling multiple roles on a day-to-day basis.

    In your cover letter, please describe your software development experience and particularly note experience of any type with: machine learning, field robotics, or underwater applications.