Team up with SUNFISH

Providing equipment and expertise for any underwater task.

SUNFISH is able to carry out exceedingly difficult, precision underwater tasks. It accelerates exploration and asset inspection through rapid delivery of high quality imagery and 3D maps.

Versatile to its core

From underwater inspections to ocean exploration and everything in-between.

Commercial Environments

  • Offshore energy sites
  • Port and harbor structures
  • Dams and hydroelectric facilities
  • Bridge piers
  • Ship hulls
  • Fish farms
  • Flooded mines

Scientific Environments

  • Shipwrecks
  • Coral reefs
  • Submerged caves
  • Ice shelves
  • Archaeological sites

Operating SUNFISH

Underwater tasks have never been more precise.

During operations SUNFISH can report back, allowing a surface-based team to review, and re-task the vehicle.

SUNFISH can stop in mid flight, hover, and perform proximity operations along objects it has mapped and do so at specified stand-off ranges while acquiring high resolution photos and geometry. This precision, combined with sophisticated artificial intelligence, makes SUNFISH ideal for complex and combined environments.